Our Team

Butler Industrial Services was formed by an experienced group of construction, safety, engineering, and other service providers in the glass industry for the glass industry.

Leaning on experiences from cold repairs, project management, engineering, procurement, and costing on projects across the world BIS is here to serve the glass industry meeting its customer’s needs.

Tom Pofi

Tom Pofi


Tom has worked in the glass industry for 20 years in various roles.  Starting off in the field of safety Tom has successfully implemented a robust safety plan and developed a safety culture focused on the needs of fast paced rebuilds.

In other roles in the glass industry, Tom has been a field superintendent, project manager, and project costing and data analysis leading field construction work.

Other areas Tom has experience in are managing process safety management (PSM) systems, environmental permitting, anaerobic reactors, and continuing to develop safety cultures in the semiconductor, plastics, and brewing industries.

Glenn Lindbloom

Glenn Lindbloom

Civil/Structural Project Engineer

Glenn has worked in the glass industry for over 28 years as a civil/structural project engineer successfully leading rebuilds and new construction for float, fiberglass, container, and sodium silicate furnace projects.

Prior to working in the glass industry, Glenn worked for 14 years as an engineering group leader in the glass manufacturing, steel, and coal preparation industries.

Currently Glenn is responsible for the following:

  1. Engineering supervision, drawings, specifications, bill of materials and requisitions.
  2. Project estimates for engineering, material procurement, and construction costs.
  3. Assemble steel shop fabrication packages.
  4. Shop fabrication inspections.
  5. Field construction assistance.
Larry McKivigan

Larry McKivigan

Sales and Marketing

46 years’ experience in refractory manufacturing and industrial sales with a strong emphasis in the glass and minerals processing industries. While working as an agent for most of his career he was exposed to all industries consuming refractory and associated insulation materials.

Holding positions in production, sales / marketing, material installation – quality control – emphasizing proper installation and curing of refractory materials for longest product life.

Having ownership in Zedmark Refractories, Hotwork, a founder at Refractory Machining Services and a founder at Butler Industrial Services, over his career he is very conscience of the cost of furnace down time.

Curt Claypool

Curt Claypool

Vice President and Operations

With nearly 40 years of experience in the glass Industry Curt has played a role in projects in North America and in Asia.

As a superintendent Curt has managed projects ranging from small cold repairs to new facility installations.  Curt has been the superintendent or project manager for fiberglass, float, container, and chemical glass projects.  Hotwork is another area of Curt’s expertise and experience that has led to his success in aiding the industry for nearly four decades.

In recent years Curt has taken on a leadership role training new personnel to follow his lead.  His ability to understand the customer’s needs and find solutions while maintaining safety as well as understanding cost has led to partnerships within the industry that have lasted decades.

Curt can provide cost analysis for construction, constructability reviews, and consultation for a variety of industry needs.

Tom Legeza

Tom Legeza

Tom has worked within the glass industry for over 25 years primarily in the refractory disposal and recycling realm with SME.

Bringing experience as a project superintendent and site leader, Tom understands the industry’s challenges regarding refractory disposal and the environmental regulations that go with them.

Tom can bring to bear a variety of services during a cold repair including onsite screening of glass removed from the melter for reuse during heatup.  Knowledge of environmental regulations means Tom can work directly with your facility environmental group to ensure proper documentation and prevent contamination of cullet and other materials.